Thursday, February 19, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We brought Chad home on February 17th after 2 weeks in the Hospital. He is doing great. He is walking all by himself and he is pretty self sufficient. As you can see in the picture he got right to work. Not even that big brace can stop him from doing the hands on things he loves. Chad is back!!!

Stitches Out

I counted 37 stitches down Chad's back. I may have missed a few and who knows how many are inside. His back is healing so fast that some of the stitches had been covered by skin.

Visits to see Dad

I tried to take the kids to see Dad every few days. Some days went great other days Ethan was being his normal 2 year old self and wanted to push and pull every button and string around.

Ethan's first visit to see Dad

I took Ethan to see Daddy at Mckay Dee Hospital the day he was being transferred to The Huntsman Cancer Institute. He put on his Fireman jacket and brought his doctor kit and said "I go save daddy, I fireman." We went in the room and he jumped right up on the bed and started fixing him with his doctor tools. He even took his blood pressure at the same time as the nurse. He also helped the paramedics push daddy to the ambulance. The Paramedics were awesome. they let Ethan jump right in and look around. He loved it!

Physical Therapy

Here is Chad working like crazy to get strong enough to go home. He walked around the halls, kicked the soccer ball while walking (which some people can't do on their best day :) ), arm bike, leg bike, stairs, and floor ladder just to name a few.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hopefully these pics will give you an idea of what Chad is going through.
Top left: His incision. About 10 inches long
Top right: being transported from McKay Dee in Ogden to the Hunstman Cancer Institute
Bottom left: First time sitting after surgery
Bottom right: First time standing after surgery

Sunday, February 8, 2009


The Buckner family is having major life altering adventures right now. Chad was booked into the hospital on Tuesday afternoon due to back pain and numbness in his legs and waist. Come to find out his T2 vertebrae was 70% collapsed and a tumor like substance was in the area. Thursday he was transferred to the Huntsman Cancer institute to prepare for major back surgery. Friday he had a procedure done to cut off the blood vessels to the vertebrae. Saturday he went in for surgery. 8 - 10 am he was prepped. 10-5 he was in surgery. They removed the tumor and sent it for testing. They then removed the vertebrae and everything around it. They inserted titanium cages and lots of rods, screws, plates etc. The surgery appears to have gone very well. He obviously is in lots of pain but he looks good and is handling it all very well. Our prayers are being answered everyday. I will keep you posted as often as I can.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Here is my baby that is growing up all too fast. He is now 5 months old and so cute. He watches big brother like a hawk and wants to be up and running just like him.

Cowboy Ethan

Here is Cowboy Ethan on his Faithful Steed. He is proudly wearing Great Grandpa Hirschi's cowboy hat. Boy does he look good and thank you Fireman Jeff for being so sweet to my crazy two year old.

Grandpa Hirschi

My dear Grandpa Hirschi Died on January 18th. He was 89 years of age and beyond ready to join his wife. We will miss him dearly. I love you Grandpa!