Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pregnancy Feb. 2013

02-07-2013     35 weeks

02-11-2013     36 weeks

02-26-2013    38 weeks
The top right pic is what I see all day looking down.  Where are my feet?!

Wade Feb. 2013

Cute Wade...what can I say more.

Free truck gone 02-19-2013

Blessings come in mysterious ways.  This truck is one of them.  Last fall a lady in Mom Buckner's ward was going to sale this truck but the engine pooped out so it ended up in our front yard for free no strings attached.  Chad had good intentions to fix it up and sale it but...winter came, darkness came, and baby coming.  He just didn't have the time.  However, he sold it as is.  There it money.  What a blessing!

Door Block 02-17-2013

I found Ethan blocking the door so Wade could not get out.  How can you not laugh!  Skinny little skunk.

Sparing 02-16-2013 fighting in a very controlled environment.  Ethan is getting pretty good.  He was timid at first but now he just attacks.  Go ninja go ninja go!

Siblings Class 02-16-2013

We took the boys to a siblings class at Davis Hospital to help them get ready for the big day when baby sister arrives.  It was a fantastic class.  The ladies in charge did a great job.  They talked about how needy babies are and how busy mom and dad will be and how they should handle it.  Also they learned how to hold baby, pick baby up, change a diaper and how to wrap up baby in a blanket.  They also got a t-shirt and a bag with baby stuff in it like a bottle and a scrub brush.  It was really good for them.  I must brag about my boys...they answered all the questions and made their parents look good and feel really proud!

Cereal Duck 02-16-2013

Some people find the Virgin Mary in chips or Jesus carved in trees but Wade the duck lover finds ducks in his cereal.  I was in shock when Wade told me he found a duck in his fruit loops.  You can't deny that those two yellow loops with an orange beak is not a duck.  A cereal miracle. 

Petzl Ice climbing 02-14-2013

Valentine Boxes 02-13-2013

Ethan and I made this really cool Megalodon (prehistoric shark) for his valentine box.  He was pretty proud. Good work boys!

Crafts with Dad 02-09-2013

It isn't very often we get Dad in on the crafts but Wade got him this time and the result was amazing.  Monster valentine box made to perfection. 

Dance 02-07-2013

I didn't get a chance to take pics of Ethan dancing but I got these two pics.  Grandma Hirschi and Wade, plus two brothers who are best buddies. 

Chad New York 02-01 to 02-07-2013

Friday, March 1, 2013

The boys jan. 2013

left pics- the hats i crocheted myself
top right- wade with his pj's stuffed full of blankets and animals
bottom right- wade and his homemade cannon.  All his idea.

Boys being boys

Got the car seat for the baby and the boys got right to work taking care of my cabbage patch dolls.  They are going to be such good big brothers. 

Karate 01-19-2013

Looking good at karate.  Getting ready to practice his moves on another kid.

Rodeo 01-18-2013

Family pic at the rodeo.  So stinky and so fun. 

Lost Tooth 01-14-2013

Ethan finally lost his first tooth.  It was a very excited moment in our house. Chad pulled it out for him and there was a little blood. Ethan was surprised it didn't hurt more.  He left this really cute note for the Tooth Fairy so he could keep his tooth.  This is a fun time for me as a mom.  I never thought it would be  a big deal.  But it is.  My baby is getting so big. 

snow 01-12-2013

So much snow outside yet really bad to make a snowman so the boys and I made a snow blob.  He is pretty cute. 

G'pa funeral 01-02-2013

Beautiful sunny day at Grandpa's funeral.  However, SOOOOOOOOOOOO cold.  The boys and I stayed in the car. Chad represented during the final moments. 

The tree is from Grandpa's backyard.  Chad remembers spending lots of time climbing and hanging from this tree. He has fond memories there. 

Viewing 01-01-2013

Chad's Grandpa Buckner passed away quietly on 12-26-2012.  He will be greatly missed but never forgotten.  

Baby Bump 01-01-2013

2 months to go and she is getting big!

The boys 12-2012

Top pic is the boys making candy canes.  The bottom two are the boys with their treasures from G'ma Buckner.  Wade got a necklace, watch and other bling.  Ethan got a lady bug watch and some other cool crystal jewelry.

New Year's Eve 12-31-2012

The kids got to make a lot of noise about 10 pm and then off to bed (or to watch a movie). They had so much fun playing with all of their cousins.  It gets loud and messy but I know they love it. Wade gave my big belly this great sticker because the baby is our present  I guess. 

Temple Square 12-29-2012

We hit temple square with all the Buckner family.  It was so super cold but so beautiful.  After, we went to Heidi and Jason's house for doughnuts and hot cocoa. 

Snow 12-27-2012

Finally some snow!  It is so beautiful and thank goodness Chad has a snow blower   Between his back and my prego belly we are not very good snow shovelers. 

Christmas haul 12-27-2012



Chad and Amy

Two goofy boys and a load for baby sister.

presents and pheasants 12-26-2012

Christmas #2 at Grandma Buckner's.  Spoiled children once again. 

The men got out and did some Pheasant hunting.  As you can see it was a huge success and I am sure full of laughter and great memories. 

Christmas day 12-25-2012

Another Christmas day is here and I don't know how anyone enjoys the day without kids.  They make it so much fun. Wade got his Duck robe and both boys had so many Lego's to put together. Thanks to Uncle Cory and Aunt Britany for putting Lego's together ALL day. 

X-mas eve 12-24-2012

It wouldn't be Christmas without a trip to Neighbor Ann's house to see the big train under the tree.  They set it up this year just for the boys.  So sweet!

Mini Gingerbread houses at the Hirschi house.  This year Ethan some how knocked his off the table and down the stairs.  He was so upset but the rest of us had to hold in the laughter.  One of those random moments. 

The nativity will always be one of my fondest memories of Christmas.  The Hirschi's dress up so crazy and we laugh a lot.  Yet, the true meaning of Christmas is taught.  Love it!

Buckner Grandkids 12-22-2012

Introducing, The Buckner grandkids all together.  Taylor, Ryan, Amanda, Davin, Katelyn, Brennan, Ethan, Avery, Wade, Ady, Briley and Babies 1(me-girl), 2 (Heidi -girl),  and 3 (Ashley-boy) that are cooking in the oven.

X-mas ornaments 12-22-2012

I decided to do homemade ornaments this year just for fun.  Ethan chose dinosaurs.  Wade a fish and a duck.  For Chad the boys picked the skeleton angel thing and I got a swirly whoville shape.  Turned out very cute.